WORLD Magazine highlights a wonderful group working with refugee children using music, arts and language

WORLD Magazine published an article about Clarkston, GA, a small town on the edge of Atlanta where refugees make up alomst the entire population of the town.  The article focuses mainly on a fantastic group called Proskuneo Ministries.  Here is a little bit more about the group;

Josh Davis, 36, started Proskuneo Ministries in 2001 to help refugees, primarily children, adjust to their new life in America. Twelve years later, 60 children gather each week at the school, which meets on the third floor of Clarkston International Bible Church.

Davis, his family and his team truly have a heart for the people they work with in Clarkston.  He and his family are actually planning to move there to become more involved in the heavily diverse community.  Their group works hard to bring understanding and acceptance to the children they work with.  Here is what the article said about their teaching process;

Teachers work hard to dispel students’ biases against associating with other nationalities or associating with members of a lower caste. They deal with these issues by teaching in groups and explaining, from Genesis, that all of us are created in God’s image.

“When the students discover the creative talents they have at the school they understand how they are created in God’s image on a personal level, not just something we tell them is true,” Davis said

For more information about Proskuneo, please read the article linked above or or visit their site.  To learn more about Clarkston, a town close to this bloggers heart, read this article from the April 6 Issue of WORLD or visit the website for Friends of Refugees, one of the main organizations that works in Clarkston.


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