My apologies

This blog was started as a semester-long project for school and, sadly, after the project was over the blog was discontinued.

Apologies again for ever discontinuing, but at the time it was not really possible to put the work into the blog that it deserved. The hope is as time goes by this will change and the blog will slowly become more active.

The goal of this blog is to address refugee issues primarily in the US and dealing with the US, but there will be other countries mentioned as well, especially Australia. (If you have any care for refugee policy you really can’t avoid talking about what is happening in Australia.) It is focused on the US not because the US is more important, but because that is just where I, the blog admin, live and where I also feel there is little information gathered together in one place.

This will (hopefully) be the first in a steadily increasing number of posts as the blog begins to function once again.

If there is anything specifically you would like to know about the blog, please let me know bellow.


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